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CSX Castleton Bridge


CSX Transportation, Inc

Project Location

Castleton, NY

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Rail & Transit Bridges
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A multi-year rehabilitation evaluation and design project on the CSX Castleton Bridge.

CSX Transportation retained Bergmann for a multi-year rehabilitation evaluation and design project for the CSX Bridge which crosses the Hudson River near Castleton, NY. The 5,255’ long railroad bridge features two main long span steel trusses with spans of 602 feet and 409 feet. In addition, there are 52 steel girder approach spans.The substructure consists of 25 steel towers ranging in height from 30’ to 135’. The structure was originally constructed in 1921.

The project has been developed over three phases. The initial phase involved load rating of all superstructure and substructure elements in accordance with the AREMA Manual for Railway Engineering. The second phase of the project involved in-depth, hands-on climbing inspection of two substructure towers and the visual inspection of four additional towers. The third phase of the project involved the development of rehabilitation plans based on repair recommendations from the inspection phase. The work plan calls for structure steel repairs to be completed without closing the bridge to railroad traffic.

Project Highlights

  • Project scoping
  • In-depth climbing inspection of towers 21 and 22
  • Visual inspection of towers 20, and 23-25
  • Repair recommendations from inspection results
  • Load ratings
  • Stress analysis from FEA modeling
  • Finite element modelling of main truss spans and typical substructure towers
  • Preliminary design (including the development of a design approval document)
  • Final design for improvements