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CSXT Bascule Bridge Pin Replacement


CSX Transportation, Inc

Project Location

Buffalo, NY

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Rail & Transit Bridges

Bergmann Locations

Buffalo, NY Rochester, NY
Heel Trunnion - Bascule Truss Bridge - Buffalo NY

Heel Trunnion - Bascule Truss Bridge - Buffalo NY

Rehabilitation of a counterweight trunnion bearing assembly for a Strauss Heel Trunnion bascule bridge in Buffalo, NY.

Bergmann rehabilitated a counterweight trunnion bearing on a 1914 vintage Strauss Heel Trunnion bascule bridge for CSXT, including replacement of the bushing, sleeve, pin and studs with our mechanical team partners at Stafford Bandlow. Our structural team designed an innovative jacking system to provide an alternate load path and jump the 700-ton counterweight load around the bearing assembly allowing for its removal and replacement. The jacking system used a system of horizontal and vertical hydraulic jacks with temporary steel supports and bracing attached to the counterweight tower.

This project required an intricate and complex structural and mechanical design to replace a heavily deteriorated counterweight trunnion bearing in a manner that minimized impacts to rail and navigation operations. Once complete, the repairs significantly reduced machinery friction and operating loads and extended the service life of the bridge for many years to come.

Project Highlights

  • Rail and navigation restrictions heavily influenced the design
  • Required high degree of collaboration between structural and mechanical engineers
  • Innovative 700-ton counterweight jacking system required only 9,000 lbs of temporary steel, saving CSXT almost $1M
  • The replacement of the pin and sleeve was done during 3, 24-hr track outages

2017 | Bridge Award Winner - Association for Bridge Construction and Design (ABCD)