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Emsworth Dam Rehabilitation

Emsworth 01 optimized

A major rehabilitation of a flood risk management project on the Ohio River.

Bergmann designed and rehabilitated two dams, two services bridges and related abutments at the Emsworth Dam facility using in-the-wet technologies. This rehabilitation was on of the oldest dams on the inland waterway system without full original as-built drawings. The basic flood control and navigation functions of both dams were maintained during each phase. Our team provided final design, detailed design review (DDR), plans, specifications, reliability analyses, MCACES cost estimates and Engineering Considerations and Instructions for Field Personnel (ECIFP) for the design and construction document elements of the task orders. The Task Order scope included scour work, service bridge work and dam rehabilitation work.

Bergmann also provided environmental design construction (EDC) services for all phases of the project, as well as constructability reviews in the early design phases. In coordination with subconsultants and the USACE, Bergmann established QA/QC protocols from the quality control plan (QCP) and our team’s detailed work plans.

Project Highlights

  • Provided engineering services and EDC on both the main channel & back channel under 8 separate task orders
  • Inspection, survey and mapping
  • Environmental permit applications
  • Innovative navigation design
  • Significant hydraulic modeling and design for apron tie-in and scour protection
  • Large grout bag scour protection system.
  • Steel sheet pile and king pile left bulkhead wall reinforcement