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Crest Gate & Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement Design



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Crest Gates

Design services for replacement of two crest gates at a hydroelectric plant

As a result of a catastrophic crest gate failure at a 46.5MW hydropower facility, four 95T hydraulic operating cylinders and two 50-foot hinged crest gates were damaged. Bergmann assessed the condition of the existing components, provided recommendations for repair or replacement and developed several bid packages for the fabrication and installation of new and/or repaired components.

Bergmann designed an emergency cofferdam, coordinated with upstream entities to reduce flow to allow installation of the cofferdam, provided owners representative services during construction and assessed the existing condition of the damaged gates and cylinders. Bergmann also updated specifications to current standards, specified new protective coatings for the cylinder rods and specified a stricter metalizing specification for the gates. The previous gate anchorage was also modified to increase the strength of the bottom hinge connection to better ensure a gate failure of similar nature will not occur in the future.

Project Highlights

  • Emergency cofferdam design & construction
  • Replaced damaged spillway gates and operating cylinders
  • Created new metalizing specifications
  • Prepared of commissioning procedures
  • Provided field construction management
  • Provided procurement support

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Crest Gates