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Genesee County Retro-Commissioning Study


Genesee County

Project Location

Genesee County, New York

Bergmann Location

Rochester, NY
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Court's Facility Air Handler AHU 1

A comprehensive retro-commissioning study at four sites operated by Genesee County, New York.

In partnership with an energy performance contractor, Bergmann completed a comprehensive retro-commissioning study at four sites operated by Genesee County in New York. Field work consisted of physical evaluation of each component, as well as functional testing performed in the field and on the building management system simultaneously.

A deficiency list was developed based on the thorough analysis of the buildings and equipment. Deficiencies included failed reheat valves, lock-out of economizer cooling and modulating outside air dampers that would not respond to direct adjustments made in the control system. A total projected savings of $31,769 could be achieved with the implementation of the necessary improvement measures identified in the survey.

Project Highlights

  • Retro-Commissioned four buildings totaling 173,271 SF
  • Identified 70 operational deficiencies and developed a prioritized implementation list
  • Functionally tested the performance and operation of 100 HVAC-related building systems including but not limited to, air handlers, VAV boxes, boilers, pumps, heat exchangers, and exhaust fans
  • Created a library of major HVAC equipment for use by Genesee County staff, including the equipment tag, major performance characteristic, and general photographs
  • Developed calculations to document a savings of 337,557 kWh, 147.9 kW, and 7,016 therms on an annual basis
  • Coordinated with the County‚Äôs controls contractor for the immediate implementation of low/no cost upgrades to the control system setpoints, sequences and schedules