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Hydro Intake Stoplogs and Hoist System Design

DJI 0410 1

The powerhouse with two (2) units for this 20 MW hydropower facility is provided with water from an intake that is located 3.5 miles away through a 14-foot flow line.


1926 Stoplogs nearing the end of their service lifeThe facility has two (2) fourteen-foot diameter intakes which combine into a 3.5-mile-long flowline just downstream of the dam; the south intake has a permanent bulkhead installed and is not utilized. The original wooden stoplogs installed in 1926 are still used at the north intake to dewater the penstock and intake gate area.

The project objective was to design new stoplogs and lifting system because the current stoplogs were nearing the end of their service life as well as to improve the functionality of the outdated system. The current process of installing and removing the stoplogs is inefficient and requires divers to guide the stoplogs into place. To identify a more efficient and economically feasible solution required an assessment of options for new stoplog types and material and lifting mechanisms.

Required Services
The project required the following services:

  • Observation of existing conditions
  • Assessment of existing stoplogs, lifting system, and operations
  • Recommendations for a stoplog lifting system (i.e., monorail, hoist, supporting structure, follower/lifting beam with an automatic latching mechanism)
  • Research and assessment of options and recommendations for new stoplogs
  • Recommendations for electrical modifications and festoon system
  • Engineering and design to prepare Issue for Construction drawings and specifications for the recommendations

Hydropower Experience and All Services Provided by Bergmann.Familiarity with operations. Professional assessment of stoplog materials and types and specification of equipment.