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Hydroelectric Feasibility Study for a New Generating Unit



Project Location

Southeastern US

Related Markets

Dams Hydropower

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Hydrology & Hydraulics

Bergmann Location

Syracuse, NY
Hydroelectric Study 2

Bergmann provided engineering support to complete a feasibility study to add a new generating unit.

Bergmann provided engineering services to complete a feasibility study regarding the addition of a new generating unit at an existing, two-unit 80 MW plant located on a US Army Corps of Engineers' dam. The new unit would have a nominal rating of 12 MW. The owner received a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license amendment for the addition of a new unit.

Project Highlights

  • Evaluated offerings from various turbine/generator manufacturers for new units.
  • Estimated available annual revenue from new unit.
  • Estimated construction costs for a new unit in a new powerhouse.
  • Completed a financial analysis of the proposed project to determine Owner's rate of return.
  • Recommended next steps in the development process.