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I-75 LaPlaisance Road Interchange


Michigan Department of Transportation

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Lansing, MI
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Improving Safety for Drivers in Monroe, Michigan

Bergmann is currently providing design-build and interchange reconstruction services for I-75 and LaPlaisance Road in Monroe, Michigan. The existing partial cloverleaf interchange is being reconfigured into a diamond interchange, with roundabouts located along  LaPlaisance Road at the ramp terminals. The goal is to allow traffic to operate more smoothly and efficiently while increasing safety with fewer conflict points.

LaPlaisance Road is being reconstructed and re-aligned through the interchange to reduce the skew and length of the new bridge over I-75. The scope of work includes road reconstruction, bridge replacement, drainage modifications and improvements, stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) design, roadway lighting, permanent signing, pavement marking, maintaining traffic and roadway geotechnical analysis.

Project Highlights

  • Road Reconstruction: Re-alignment of road throughout the interchange allows the new bridge to be constructed offline from the existing bridge. Reconstruction of pavement marking design, along with re-design of drainage throughout the interchange will allow for less flooding.
  • Roadway Geotechnical Analysis: Allows for a more in-depth analysis of existing roadway problems and provides better solutions and precise measurements to resolve issues. Used for crash analysis and for constructability reviews.
  • Design-Build: Bergmann's responsibilities include road design, hydraulics and drainage design, Ministry of Transport (MOT) design and re-design of the bridge over I-75.