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Kingston Third Crossing over the Cataraqui River


Peter Kiewit Sons ULC

Project Location

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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Bergmann Location

Rochester, NY
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Bergmann provided steel erection analysis and temporary support design for this essential superstructure.

The Kingston Third Crossing bridge is an essential infrastructure project and the largest to-date for the City of Kingston, Ontario. The new 1.2 km, two-lane bridge spans the Cataraqui River and connects the eastern and western parts of the city, supporting continued growth and enhancing quality of life and community safety.

Bergmann was hired by general contractor Peter Kiewit Sons ULC to serve as Structural Steel Construction Engineer. Bergmann was responsible for steel erection analysis and design of the temporary support system required to keep the 3-span under-arch structure stable during the piece-by-piece steel erection.

The main span steel erection was completed in summer 2021. The bridge is scheduled to open for use in 2022, with final amenities and landscaping scheduled to be completed in 2023.

Project Highlights

  • IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) contract model.
  • Developed erection procedure for the 4-girder skewed-kinked structure. Reduced access trestle cost by minimizing the crane positions and trestle fingers.
  • Designed multi-pile falsework bents driven ~100 ft in overburden silt and silty clay material down to competent bedrock.
  • Designed two of the seven falsework bents for dual purpose allowing Kiewit to use piles to support the drill rig during pier foundation construction and superstructure during steel erection.
  • Final erection sequence step included longitudinally jacking east half of the superstructure to close the final splice near midspan.

Project Team

Owner: City of Kingston
General Contractor: Peter Kiewit Sons ULC
Structural Steel Construction Engineer: Bergmann
Erector / Fabricator: Walters Group
Designer: Hatch & Systra IBT

Final Steel Structure Work, July 2021 (Credit: Aerosnapper