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Magna DexSys Manufacturing Facility


Magna International, Inc

Project Location

Delta Township, MI

Bergmann Location

Toledo, OH
Magna Manufacturing Warehouse Facility, Interior, Delta Township MI

Magna Manufacturing Warehouse Facility, Interior, Delta Township MI

Architecture, civil, site and structural engineering for Magna's new manufacturing facility in Delta Township, MI.

Bergmann designed Magna's new 290,000 SF manufacturing facility in Delta Township, Michigan. The facility features a mold area, paint area and distribution in the front and rear fascias.

The Mold Area consists of a 60 ton crane that spans 94’. The specialized foundations for each mold press are designed to accommodate gravity loads of up to one million pounds. The Paint Area contains multiple specialized functions. Most significant is the Paint Deck, which is an elevated platform system that supports an automated, state-of-the-art, enclosed paint line. The robots for this line are fed specific paint from an adjacent, high hazard, paint kitchen. The paint system includes a filtration system that requires a 16’ deep by 20’ wide by 40’ long pit to house a prefabricated sludge filter. This sludge filter is fed by a series of floor trench systems from each of the seven robotic spray areas. The Paint Storage Area contains a recessed floor containment system that discharges into an exterior emergency pond to meet FM Global Requirements.

Project Highlights

  • 290,000 SF facility for molding, painting, assembly and distribution of front and rear fascias
  • FM global compliant facility
  • ESFR fire protection system
  • Specialized structural and foundation systems for mold press, tool flipper, sludge pit and paint booth line
  • 60-ton capacity, 94’ clear span crane
  • Specialized, high hazard, system design for paint kitchen