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Medina Local Waterfront Revitilization Program (LWRP)

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Strategic revitalization plan for the Village of Medina that focuses on its Erie Canal, Oak Orchard River and Glenwood Lake waterfronts.

Bergmann assisted the Village of Medina with developing a Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) for its Erie Canal, Oak Orchard River and Glenwood Lake corridors. This project focused on improving connections between the waterfronts and downtown to capitalize and leverage the Village's canal frontage.

The LWRP includes all required components including an existing conditions evaluation, goals and objectives, policy development, future land use plan and preparation of updated regulatory tools to implement the overall plan. The LWRP relies heavily on an extensive public input process to develop a more concise vision to guide the outcomes of the project. Opportunities for greater utilization of the canal, river and lake as unique recreational resources were explored and identiļ¬ed.

Bergmann also completed a thorough assessment of existing land and waterside uses in order to identify potential capital improvement projects to advance the community's vision.

Project Highlights

  • Community engagement
  • Project identification
  • Trail and park enhancements
  • Waterfront and downtown revitalization