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New Clean Manufacturing Process

EBP Cleanroom for new manufacturing line lorez

A multi-disciplinary project to upscale a new nano-technology pilot manufacturing product line to full-scale manufacturing.

The product being manufactured supports new touch screen technology. The 2nd and 3rd floors of Building 326 within the Eastman Business Park were gutted and modified to meet the requirements of the manufacturing process. Architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural components helped complete the engineering of this project on a tight design and construction schedule. Bergmann maintained a continuous on-site presence during construction to rapidly address changes as the process was being refined during construction of the facility.

Project Highlights

  • Architectural code analysis associated with the numerous chemicals and mixtures associated with the process.
  • Design of Class 10,000 and 1,000 clean room space on two separate floors.
  • Details, plans and specifications associated with the clean rooms, chemical mixing/dosing rooms, test labs, gown in/out rooms as well as product in/out rooms.