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Hydroelectric Unit 1 Rewind



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Hydroelectric Plant

Engineering support for rewind of Unit 1 at existing hydroelectric plant

Bergmann is providing services to support the rewind of the generator for Unit 1 at a hydroelectric plant. The generator stator needed replacement of its coils and the rotor needed pole piece reinsulation. The stator and rotor will be taken offsite to the rewind vendor’s shop for the rewind and returned to the site for reassembly.

Bergmann has provided engineering support by preparing specifications, providing a list of suggested bidders, holding pre-bid meetings and evaluating bids. Bergmann is also providing support during disassembly, rewind, reassembly and testing.

Project Highlights

  • Rewind of generator stator and reinsulation of rotor pole pieces
  • Horizontal unit with no overhead crane service
  • Removal of generator offsite to complete rewind process

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