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New York State Office of General Services,

New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs,

National Guard

Project Location

New York State

Bergmann Location

Rochester, NY
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Bergmann performed ASHRAE Level II energy audits for armories throughout New York State.

Bergmann performed comprehensive energy audits at 25 sites owned and operated by the New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs and the National Guard to ensure compliance with Executive Order 88. The overall goal of the audits was to identify cost-effective strategies to make the buildings more energy efficient, without sacrificing functionality or other needs and demands of the site. The projects were completed over a two-year period and each armory was treated as its own separate project. All required an on-site evaluation, including interviews with facility personnel and a complete walkthrough of all occupied and mechanical spaces. The thorough evaluation of all armories included, but was not limited to, the building envelope, mechanical equipment, daily and monthly operations and control systems.

A report was generated for each site that provides a list of energy conservation opportunities. Estimated construction costs and energy savings were calculated for each measure and other general operational and maintenance improvements were also identified for further consideration.

Project Highlights

  • Utility bill analysis and end-use breakdown
  • Steam and heating hot water systems
  • Compressed air systems evaluations
  • LED lighting upgrade opportunities
  • Chilled water and cooling systems
  • Building envelope and thermal analysis
  • Solar photovoltaic evaluations
  • Water conservation measures