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Pottsville Revitalization Plan


Pottsville Area Development Corporation (PADCO),

City of Pottsville, PA

Project Location

Pottsville, PA

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2nd Revitalization Meeting

Plan to put Pottsville's future in focus

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Bergmann selected for revitalization plan

Bergmann Location

Conshohocken, PA
Pottsville Revitalization Plan, Living, Pottsville, PA

Pottsville Revitalization Plan, Living, Pottsville, PA

Revitalization study for downtown Pottsville in Pennsylvania to generate business, tourism and economic development.

Bergmann was hired by Pottsville Area Development Corporation (PADCO) to create a revitalization study to identify strategies for generating business, tourism and economic development in downtown Pottsville, Pennsylvania. The City of Pottsville and the Pottsville Business Association are partners to this project.

The multi-faceted study included an inventory analysis of downtown assets and infrastructure, an analysis of Pottsville’s strengths and opportunities, an analysis of existing downtown and county tourism initiatives, interviews with business and civic leaders, a community survey and public input sessions. The plan culminated with recommendations for short- and long-term actions to spur revitalization of downtown Pottsville.

Project Highlights

  • Community-based visioning
  • Market analysis
  • Strategic plan
  • Tourism analysis
  • Concept plans
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) analysis