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Hydroelectric Plant Units 1 & 2 Commissioning



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Rainbow Falls Hydro optimized

Commissioning support for return to service of a two-unit hydroelectric plant.

Bergmann performed field construction management, commissioning, and construction support to assist with returning this two-unit hydroelectric plant to service as a result of damages caused by a flood. The owner replaced existing electrical equipment (controls, switchgear, SCADA and ancillary equipment) as well as completed repairs to the turbine, generator and governors. In addition, the service and cooling water systems were replaced.

Bergmann provided design support for upgrade and installation of electrical equipment, prepared operating instructions for all systems and equipment and developed pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures. Bergmann also provided training for operators of the new systems and equipment, as well as on-site commissioning service support.

Project Highlights

  • Modernized & refurbished flooded hydroelectric plant
  • Prepared operating instructions and training
  • Inspected repaired turbine/generator components
  • Reviewed all technical documentation
  • Prepared pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures
  • Supported commissioning and testing

Proud member of the National Hydropower Association