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Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts


Renaissance Academy Charter School

Project Location

Rochester, NY

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PreK-12 Education

Bergmann Location

Rochester, NY
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This project converted an existing open floorplan facility into a series of classrooms to house the school's signature art, dance, music and performance programs.

The overall plan for the Renaissance Academy Charter School was to phase-in full occupancy of the facility over a three-year time period. Work included upgrades as required in order to meet SED standards and building code requirements. The project design converts an existing open floor plan facility into a series of classrooms, as well as providing a new addition to the school to house its signature art, dance, music, and performance programs. Construction of the new rooms was staged to match the growth of an additional class each year until its completion. An inviting new light court transforms the 1960’s existing part of the structure into a light-filled, dynamic center of this vital charter school.

Project Highlights

  • Phases 1 & 2 - Classroom renovations
  • Phase 3 - New Atrium
  • Phase 4 - Addition for Arts Program