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Crest Gate Repairs Construction Support



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Dams Hydropower

Crest Gates

Construction and commissioning support for repair of a crest gate.

Bergmann supported a hydropower facility's efforts to return a crest gate to service. This gate was damaged by excessive ice.

Bergmann provided design and construction support for gate and gate operating cylinders repairs and concrete repairs to the apron and piers. We designed modifications for an existing cofferdam and prepared bid packages for procurement of that work. Bergmann also developed a commissioning procedure and provided on-site commissioning support.

Project Highlights

  • Refurbished damaged spillway gate and operating cylinders
  • Replaced gate seals
  • Repaired concrete on apron and piers
  • Prepared commissioning procedures
  • Supported commissioning and testing
  • Provided field construction management
  • Provided engineering services for change orders
  • Provided procurement support

Proud member of the National Hydropower Association