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School Renovations & Conversion To Geothermal Heating System


Copenhagen Board of Education

Project Location

Copenhagen, NY

Bergmann Location

Syracuse, NY
Copen Tech

This project was a direct development from a 2010 Building Condition Survey, along with the District’s desire to find methods to lower operating costs.

The design team was commissioned to determine the practicality of converting the existing fuel-oil-fired steam plant into a geothermal water-to water-heat pump system. The resulting project included a complete replacement of the heating system along with extensive interior renovations.

The new heating system consisted of 135 wells bored down to a depth of 350 feet, connected through a manifold and continuous loop piping system to individual ceiling mounted heat pumps. This provided every significant space within the building with its own self-controlled thermal environment, with overall control of the system provided by a new energy management system installed as part of this project.

Renovations included asbestos flooring and plaster ceilings being abated with new rubber flooring installed in corridors and classrooms, along with new ceilings throughout the facility, new lighting, technology distribution and communication systems. Six classrooms with existing toilets were renovated and the toilets were brought into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The lower level District Office, Conference Room and Superintendent’s office was relocated to the first floor area by renovating space occupied by two unused classrooms. The space vacated by these offices was converted into a new school/community fitness center. The existing main gymatorium stage area was completely renovated with new stage rigging, curtains, stage lighting and full sound system usable for athletic events and full stage productions.