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SEPTA King of Prussia Rail Extension


Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)

Project Location

Philadelphia, PA

Check out our video simulation of design alternatives of the proposed rail extension

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Rail & Transit

Bergmann Location

Rochester, NY
SEPTA King Of Prussia Rail, Mall View, Philadelphia PA

SEPTA King Of Prussia Rail, Mall View, Philadelphia PA

Developed interactive 3D simulation to illustrate a proposed extension of the Norristown High Speed Line (NHSL) by SEPTA.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) retained Bergmann to develop a high-resolution, interactive 3D model and video simulation showing design alternatives of a new proposed rail line, coined the "King of Prussia" Rail Project. The Bergmann team worked alongside SEPTA, and project partner AECOM, to model design alternatives during the development of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. Bergmann used CAD profiles and plans, aerial imagery, terrain data, and ground photos to create the interactive rail model in 3ds Max Interactive and in Unity (a cross-platform game engine used to develop three-dimensional video games and simulations).

In addition, Bergmann created high-resolution renderings of various scenes along the proposed line showing what the rail line could look like in proper scale and context with existing site conditions. SEPTA was able to evaluate rail design and route alternatives, and present them to the public. Bergmann professionals also created an animated video illustrating what it would be like to travel along the full King of Prussia Rail, which they ran for the public during numerous presentations on the project.

Project Highlights

  • Built an interactive 3D model of the rail line
  • Generated high-resolution renderings of rail scenes
  • Created an animated video of the rail project
  • Participated in public meetings