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Sunoco Program

Sunoco Program, Exterior

Sunoco Program, Exterior

Full-service architecture, engineering and program management for Sunoco prototypes and renovations across the US.

Bergmann is providing Sunoco with feasibility studies and final architectural/engineering design and approval processing for new prototype buildings and renovation sites throughout the U.S. Our work includes site, survey, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical services. We ensure each building conveys the overall brand image of Sunoco, while also addressing the concerns of the community.

Our feasibility studies include initial site work/review and acquisition of support information on available infrastructure necessary to service the proposed use. These studies also involve meeting with local officials to determine possible constraints. We provide a written narrative on identifying potential permitting and/or design issues along with a concept site plan of the proposed building, access circulation and utility services. We also provide a conceptual cost estimate of proposed improvements. Construction plans include necessary revisions to the architectural drawings to adapt them to address specific site and local code issues.

Project Highlights

  • Fast paced quality project delivery.
  • Consistent brand identity
  • Consistent and quality contract document standards
  • Trusted advisor support for day-to-day operations and maintenance
  • New prototype design and construction
  • One of the first LEED-certified fueling stations in the country (Springfield, VA)