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TD Bank Net Zero Branch

TD Bank Net Zero Branch, Ft Lauderdale FL

TD Bank Net Zero Branch, Ft Lauderdale FL

Bergmann designed the first operating Net-Zero Bank store in the United States.

TD Bank’s first Net-Zero Energy Bank store is a milestone for the Bank as they pursue their goal to be as green as their logo. With the goal of producing as much energy as it consumed, Bergmann's bank design proved successful. In the first year of monitoring, the store generated 111,185 kWh of power but only consumed 106,814 kWh, returning 4% of the excess capacity back to the electric power grid.

The store incorporates a range of energy-efficient technologies including LED lighting, natural day-lighting, variable refrigerant flow heat pumps and building system controls to reduce energy consumption by 30% when compared to a traditional bank. Electrical power is generated by more than 400 photovoltaic panels mounted on the roof, atop the drive-thru canopy and in a ground-mounted array.


Certified LEED Platinum - U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

2012 | US Design and Development Awards Sustainable Design Gold - International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)