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Xerox Groundwater Program


Xerox Corporation

Project Location

Oklahoma City, OK

Xerox Groundwater Program, Oklahoma City OK

Xerox Groundwater Program, Oklahoma City OK

Development and implementation of an enhanced Groundwater Remediation Program in Oklahoma City, OK

Bergmann was retained by Xerox Corporation to develop and implement an enhanced groundwater remediation program for its Oklahoma City facilities. Bergmann prepared a remedial action plan (RAP) that detailed the methods and procedures for In-situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) treatment of solvent impacted groundwater using RegenOx™. A total of 84 injection points were installed to allow for groundwater monitoring so as to evaluate the effects on groundwater quality.

The RAP was submitted to and approved by the Oklahoma DEQ. Subsequently, Bergmann designed and supervised the RegenOx™ ISCO groundwater treatment project, including the injection of approximately 4,900 pounds of RegenOX™ material as a slurry mixture into the groundwater. Bergmann conducted performance monitoring of the ISCO remedy via groundwater monitoring, which resulted in the facility being allowed to discontinue its use of the two-phase groundwater treatment system and collection laterals.

Project Highlights

  • Injected 5,000 pounds of chemical oxidizer into 84 bore holes
  • Reduced chlorinated volatile organic compounds in six months following sampling event
  • Obtained Oklahoma DEQ approval to shut down the two-phase extraction system, resulting in substantial annual O & M/energy savings