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Preparing for Workplace Re-Entry in a COVID-19 World

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Have you thought about your office re-entry plan?

As states continue with their phased re-openings, many businesses, including Bergmann and a number of our clients, are starting to think about what the return of employees to their work spaces will look like in a world shared with COVID-19. Whether you are opening your doors immediately or holding off until a later date, now is the time to develop your re-entry plan to ensure a safe and healthy work environment while building employee confidence.

Bergmann’s team of workplace designers, engineers and environmental health and safety experts are here to help you create a plan to bring employees back to the office safely and productively, while doing so in accordance with CDC, state and local guidelines.

We view this as a two-phased approach, looking first at the initial return to work, and then longer-term modifications to support a healthy and productive work environment. Each phase will take into careful consideration your office culture, work environment and workflows.

Phase 1 - Return to Work

Phase one focuses on immediate, low cost changes for the initial return to the office that help employees feel safe, valued, healthy and empowered, with recommendations including but not limited to:

  • Employee and visitor access and circulation
  • Space modification to improve social distancing
  • Common area transmission reduction modifications
  • Air purification and turnover improvements
  • Signage and wayfinding plans

Phase 2 - Long-term Modifications

Phase two focuses on a fully integrated approach to environmental modifications that will improve your workplace resiliency and promote long term employee physical and psychological wellness. Our recommendations will incorporate expertise from across our disciplines, including best practices from the design of cleanrooms and labs to inform the design of healthier workplaces. Our recommendations will include, but not be limited to:

  • Modifications to workplace environment to address spatial and psychological issues
  • Long term sustainability and wellness
  • Access to and circulation through space
  • Technological capabilities and capacity

Let us help you create your customized plan.

Contact Dana Reeves to discuss your needs.