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Client Management Services

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What We Do

Client Management Services combines several Client focused solutions into a single streamlined offering targeted to Bergmann’s most critical clients. This practice benefits organizations looking for a partner from end-to-end on a single project or multi-site programs. Bergmann Client Management Services professionals are focused on understanding of the unique needs of each client, developing the right program solutions and managing the entire process using the most up-to-date technology and tools. This frees up our clients’ valuable time allowing them to focus on their core business priorities. Once construction of the facility is complete, Bergmann ensures clients’ make the most of their assets by creating programs for the long-term maintenance and operations of their facilities.

Throughout the relationship, Bergmann clients have a single point of contact that understands the unique needs and processes associated with a project. Leveraging decades of construction and design experience, the Bergmann team will be made up of result driven problem-solvers who are dedicated to delivering cost-effective solutions. These professionals live and work in the same communities as Bergmann's clients.

Markets Served by Bergmann Client Management Services:

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Commercial Development projects can realize immediate benefits from working with Bergmann Client Management Services professionals. Starting in the Project Development Phase, Bergmann is a proven partner in smart, local site selection decisions. Bergmann experts in permitting and entitlement will work through any necessary town, county and state approvals to ensure a project can be delivered where and when you need it. From the initial feasibility studies and master planning to final design, Bergmann will work with you to meet your goals and budget expectations. After construction is complete, Bergmann will help you get the most long-term value for your investment with programs that extend the life-cycle of your property.

If you are planning for a corporate complex, business park, health & wellness facility or single office, Bergmann Client Management Services can help you create a space that is safe, comfortable and cost efficient. Bergmann can help with an assessment of current facilities, including inventories and audits, while assisting with a determination of your needs for the future. Our specialists in energy and sustainability can design a space that is comfortable, while realizing both cost savings and environmental benefits. Bergmann design experts will understand your brand and help express your identity throughout the space. And recognizing that the true cost of an office or facility comes after construction, Bergmann can be a long-term partner in the asset management programs for your space.

Bergmann professionals have extensive expertise in the retail and food markets. For those clients considering a single facility or a program of multiple locations, Bergmann is the partner who will work with you from the project development stage to find the right locations, take advantage of economic incentives and help you understand zoning requirements. Our professionals can deploy a prototype design program or create a custom space. In both cases, Bergmann experts will help you understand the local marketplace and culture to fit in seamlessly. Our construction management experts will keep your projects on time and within budget. And once your space is occupied, Bergmann can help you manage your assets and maximize their long-term value.

Bergmann is a nationally recognized leader in solutions-based advanced manufacturing, laboratory and facility design. Whether it's an individual facility or an entire campus, Bergmann Client Management Services can partner with you to adapt a previous structure or design a completely new facility. The Bergmann team will begin work in the project development stage with either site selection or facility condition assessment and inventory. The design team in the next stage will be made up of architects, engineers, planners, energy professionals and more. Throughout construction, quality reviews and progress checks will ensure your facility is delivered on time and within budget. After construction is complete, Bergmann can help make the most of your facility and keep it up-to-date with an ongoing asset management strategy.

Bergmann understands the unique needs and design details of warehousing and distribution facilities. Facilities that house either non-perishable dry goods or refrigerated products have to be designed to detailed specifications, as well as accommodate the transportation needs to distribute products effectively. Bergmann will help you evaluate and select the right location whether that is an existing facility or designing and building a new facility. As a full-service firm, we can also plan for traffic flow, railway access, and understanding the long-term impact of the facility in the Planning and Design phase. Our multi-disciplinary team will design a solution to house and maintain your products cost effectively and using the most up-to-date technology for climate controls. Long-term, we can help you maintain the value and durability of your facility with operational and asset management plans.