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Engineering, Infrastructure

NYS Route 590 (Seabreeze Drive) Roundabout, Aerial View, Irondequoit NY

NYS Route 590 (Seabreeze Drive) Roundabout, Irondequoit, NY

What We Do

Bergmann engineers deliver memorable, award winning infrastructure projects. From the redevelopment of a historic rail bridge into a “Walkway Over the Hudson” to improving the safety of a local roads, Bergmann is at the forefront of innovative, sustainable projects that improve our communities.

Engineering, Infrastructure Market Offerings

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Bergmann professionals specialize in the engineering required to create, maintain and optimize the local infrastructure to support the entire spectrum of Civic and Education projects. From transportation design engineers to traffic planners, Bergmann can plan any infrastructure improvements needed to ensure safety and develop civic pride. Our experts look beyond the surface to consider drainage, sewers, water lines and the full range of needs to ensure that every project meets community expectations.

Engineering is often the foundation of a transportation project. We bring communities together through our designs for city streets with new waterlines and utilities, railroads that cross the country and bridges that span major rivers and other waterways. Bergmann infrastructure engineers analyze and plan for the traffic, noise and safety while creating solutions that complement the surrounding environment. Working with Bergmann engineers on a Transportation project is a true community partnership.

When introducing a new warehousing and distribution facility to a community or increasing the capacity of a current one, the impact to local traffic is an important consideration. Bergmann professionals provide traffic planning analysis as well as state-of-the-art modeling to assess existing operations and predict future conditions at specific locations. We apply our expertise in traffic forecasting, design and operation of traffic signal systems to improve functionality and ensure people and goods are moved safely and efficiently.

Bergmann engineers specialize in the design of waterway related structures. Our team of experts has extensive experience with locks, dams, gates and cofferdams. From initial concept through project completion, Bergmann professional develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of client and optimize the opportunities of the waterway.