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Environmental Permitting & Design

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What We Do

Bergmann’s Energy and Environmental team brings engineers, environmental specialists, ecologists, industrial hygienists and planners together to address the complex challenges posed by today’s public and private environmental projects. Bergmann professionals are highly skilled and experienced in providing comprehensive, dynamic solutions that range from due diligence to design, permitting, construction and restoration.

Environmental Permitting & Design Market Offerings

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Regulations for environmental compliance permitting and design in the energy industry demand that professionals have the education, knowledge, creativity and experience to provide environmentally sounds solutions. Bergmann’s Energy and Environmental team has in-depth experience completing project work for a number of power & energy clients that meet both regulatory and budgetary expectations.

Bergmann professionals design transportation projects so that impacts to the environment are minimal. We understand how to prepare and negotiate permits for both the benefit of community and the client. Bergmann professionals deliver solutions that swiftly gain approval from both the community and regulatory agencies.

Quality environmental design is an important part of the process to ensure that water resource projects supply clean water to communities. Bergmann brings critical thinking to the agency permitting and design requirement process for waterway and water resources project process. Bergmann’s Energy and Environmental team has in-depth experience completing a wide variety of public and private sector projects.