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Land Use & Regional Planning

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Land Use Planning

At Bergmann, we employ a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to land use planning. Bergmann’s team of planners, architects and engineers have developed a planning process that translates the community’s vision into effective policies that guide land use, transportation, housing, historic preservation, infrastructure, parks and open space. This process elevates a community’s long-term goals and guides growth and development for years into the future. We help communities understand neighborhood-level needs and create plans to improve their quality of life such as streetscapes, parks, trails, housing and more.

Bergmann Land Use Planning Solutions:

  • Comprehensive plans
  • Community visioning
  • Policy guidance & action plans
  • Master planning
  • Land use analyses
  • Zoning codes
  • Design guidelines & standards

Regional Planning

Regional planning requires the collaboration of numerous stakeholders representing a wide range of interests including individuals, communities, government and businesses. At Bergmann, we understand that successful regional planning balances the needs of individual municipalities, while also taking into account topics and concerns of neighboring communities, such as sustainability, infrastructure, the environment and social equity.

Bergmann Regional Planning Solutions:

  • Watershed Management Plans
  • County-wide Comprehensive Plans
  • Regional Farmland Plans
  • Long-range Transportation Planning
  • Intermunicipal Smart Growth Strategies