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Workplace Perspectives Survey Summary

Workplace Survey Results web

The Results are In!

What does the future of work look like for your business?

COVID-19 has changed how we think about the physical workplace. In an effort to understand more about the specific workplace scenarios for businesses across upstate New York, our resilient design team asked business decision makers across New York State to participate in a short, anonymous survey.

Responses came in from a range of geographic regions, industries and company sizes. The survey tells us that:

  • A majority of respondents came from companies that had a primarily office-based work style. As a result of COVID-19, almost 2/3 of those shifted to remote work.
  • Over half of respondents shared that their companies are considering a flexible work arrangement for employees moving forward.
  • Respondents are mixed on the impact of remote work on productivity. While half of those shifting to remote work claim productivity stayed the same, the remainder are split evenly on productivity being impacted positively and negatively.
  • Physical office space is still viewed as important by the vast majority of respondents.

About Bergmann

Bergmann is a nationally recognized architecture, engineering and planning firm with 450+ professionals in locations throughout the Northeast, Midwest and Atlantic regions. The firm is headquartered in Rochester, NY, with a majority of team members operating out of six metro areas across upstate NY.

Bergmann’s resilient design team formed in response to evolving societal needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Comprising experts from across Bergmann in areas such as interior design, architecture, mechanical engineering, environmental health and safety, and cleanroom protocols, this team looks holistically at the physical design of a space and building to adapt and create environments that support the needs of employees while delivering on business goals. The team offers specialized and tailored business environment and facility planning services to meet the unique needs of clients across multiple vertical markets, including corporate and office, education, hospitality and retail.